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Cottage Style Decorating For Your Homes by LilacsNDreams

Cottage Style Decorating For Your Homes by LilacsNDreams

Having the cottage style home is light, airy, fresh, fun, and original.  In today’s style they often incorporate soft palettes of greens, blues, yellows, shades of lilacs, and pinks too. Sometimes you may show things brightened with some brisk colors used as well. Using pastels for color, some pretty florals, and with some vintage home accessories gives your home that cozy cottage style.

Using lace handkerchiefs, some lace trims, fragrance candles, and those sweet smelling soaps, a comfortable rocking chair, wallpapers, fabrics are just so yummy in the home of cottage styles. Sometimes glassware will be used whether it is clear, or a slight coloring that sparkles in the light will be displayed. Visual some of those furniture slip covers that are inviting, some vintage style upholstery, and of course the layers of weathered paint. Gotta love that chippy paint.

A cottage style decorating can surface anywhere. Attitude is also what can make the house cottage. Depending on the house locatetion I sometimes have seen seaside, shells, and sailboats incorporated with the decor too.

Today’s expressions of cottage style is the thought of flea markets, using fresh flowers, vintage patterns, and a bit of romance with it too.  A warm welcoming feeling to all who visit. 

I love cottage style homes, and wish I had all that with our home.  A working progress. I admire the style when I see it in books, and by many who share their homes with all of us. Which style of home are you?

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and come back often to read, share with us here, and you are free to make comments. All are welcome. When in roam visit my LilacsNDreams Artfire Store, and my LilacsNDreams Ecrater Store. Maybe you will find something to fit with your cottage style homes. Don’t forget to visit my main LilacsNDreams Blog too. Little more to see there, and roam with.


Blog, Blogging, LilacsNDreams Blog

Welcome again to LilacsNDreams! Glad you stopped by.

I have been working with my blogs again, and you know, they actually can take as much work as maintaining a website too. All depends what you put into it, and what you wish to receive with it, and what your goals are. I enjoy blogging, and find it relaxing too. I can share what I know, what I have learned, something I have seen, and it is kind of like having a journal. Difference being that with a blog you can also interact with people too. People you meet through your blogs, get to know them and their business, share things, and enjoy the time of conversing.

So, what I have been working on lately was adding a couple of more pages along with the others I have on my blog. Pages that are for people to interact with things a bit more. I always remind people they are welcome to share, comment, suggest, and so on. Maybe you would like to add a comment to one already left, and that is fine too. All I ask is to please remember everyone does have their own opinion to things, respect this, and we shall all get alone great!:)
I would also like to share a link to my other blog of LilacsNDreams, and a link to my LilacsNDreams Website too. Please give them a visit to see what has been done with the blog so far, the website, and know with the website I am doing a few minor adjustments as well. Similar to this one, but yet different in its own way too. I do hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, the weather is behaving for you, and to please remember those dealing with the floods…we are having that in our area with evacuations, and not sure when they can go back to their homes. Enjoy, and be safe everyone. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams!

Blog, Blog for Business Pleasure and Both

Blog, Blog for Business Pleasure and Both. How many people blog? Do you like blogging, and how do you use your blog? Many people will use their blogs for their online sales, show pictures of their products, show links to their stores, some use their blogs as their website, on my website I have a tab/page for my blog there, and some use their blogs as a journal or diary. Many ways, and many things to use your blogs for.

When blogging there are different things you can do to make your blogs become visible with searches, and in rankings too. Oh, yes, your blogs can show with search engines. Searches like content, and each time you do a new post to your blog, it is like a new web page being added which goes out to the search engines to be seen, and ranked.

There are many blog platforms out there that could be used, and everyone has to find what works for them, what they are comfortable with, if you want to use free platforms of blogging or if you wish to pay, some platforms offer more than others, some are more technical to work with, etc. There is wordpress, blogger….more popular ones. There is type pad, I know on weebly you can do free websites there, and I have seen some use weebly as their blog only too. As I suggest with many things, find the platform that works for you, and that you feel good working with. When you can do that, blogging will become more enjoyable for you, and not just another thing you should do.

To see more extensive explanations to some of this in regards to search engines, and things please visit with my other LilacsNDreams Blog in which I have done that. Also, feel free to visit my LilacsNDreams Website with my blog to see the set up I have done there with my website and blog. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams WordPress Blog. Glad to have you, and you are always welcome to visit with me, leave a comment, comment to other comments, etc. Have a super Monday!:)


How Many Storefronts Should be Enough

How Many Storefronts Should be Enough. How many times have we asked ourselves this? If we have more than 1 store do we benefit from it? If we want to have just 1 store, can we house everything in it, and just have more categories. Which one do you think our customers would approve of.

This is one topic where there is no right, or wrong answer to the question. I myself have seen many sellers have many stores. They might have 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 stores and more. There are many factors to consider having so many stores. Are you duplicating your products with each store. Does it help you spread your inventory a little more. How much will it cost to have numerous stores. Will it take more maintenance, and upkeep for numerous stores. Also, how much time will it take, and should it take to manage different stores. Does having so many store really help me more with the search engines.

There is another blog by me LilacsNDreams with a post titled How Many Storefronts Do We Need, How Many is Enough. I would suggest visiting there to see what was all said, what was suggested, and for you to read, share, comment on your opinion and experiences, and so on. It has had some comments through the blog, facebook, twitter, linked in, and private direct comments too. Really gives you some ideas to think about, and consider.

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams WordPress Blog. Glad to have you here, and that you joined with me to read, and share this topic. Always welcome to visit my blog here, and with my other LilacsNDreams Blog too. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy, and be safe.



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Tantalizing Teal Collection at Artfire by WildflowerzCottage


Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams WordPress Blog. Happy to have you here. Above you will see a collection from Artfire that was curated by WildflowerzCottage called Tantalizing Teal. Is this not a beautiful collection? How yummy with the different colors of teal, some vintage, some handmade, and just so many gorgeous things to see. Please visit this collection at Artfire with all the featured sellers in it too. I would like to note that I am featured in this collection with my Fenton Green Opalescent Grape and Cable Glass Bowl. Beautiful vintage bowl that looks like new yet, is marked Fenton on the bottom, and is a rare color to find of this style, and pattern too. Please visit my LilacsNDreams Artfire Store for more pictures, and details of this adorable piece.
Thank You all for visiting with me. Please, know that you are welcome to leave comments, and share with us here too.
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The Vintage Pink Artfire Collection by Metal Artistry


Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams WordPress Blog! Glad to have you here.
Above you will see a collection called Vintage Pink that was done at Artfire. The curator for this adorable collection is Metal Artistry, and I was also featured in this collection too. The Vintage Pink Fostoria Heirloom Opalescent Glass Bowl is what I am offering at my LilacsNDreams Artfire Store. Stop by to see the collection, visit with other sellers also featured in this collection, and stop to visit my store too. Many wonderful things offered at Artfire. Wishing everyone Happy Hunting, and Shopping from LilacsNDreams.
Thanks again for visiting with Me today. Leave a comment, share an idea, and remember you are always Welcome to visit here.

Websites, Domains, Hosting, Shopping Carts Is it All Needed

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I first would like to notify everyone that pretty much most of this posting did come from my other blog where I had it posted LilacsNDreams Blog.

Time for another topic for ya’ll to read, share some opinions, and to offer what I have read too. Websites, should I have one, do I need one, so much work, is it necessary, and boy those things cost too. Yes, you are right, they can be costly. Depends what you all want to do with it, what your goals are, and how much you would like to spend with it too.

No matter how many storefronts a person has it is good to have a website. The website can serve as your home base, links your web presences to one another, and serves as your “hub” that will direct visitors to your stores, your blogs, and serves as kind of an online business card.

Before jumping into this I recommend searching around a bit. Do searches about them, see what others say, and suggest. Calculate how much you would like to spend for the website. Cost of hosting, your domains, the shopping carts, and do you intend to advertise to get your website out there too? A lot of things to consider.

What is the best Host, and what should you consider? You need to consider it needs to be affordable for you. I know Hostgator starts about $3.96 a month, and I see that one mentioned often by others using. The host needs to perform well for you, and your visitors. You need to be able to draw traffic. Does it give you the option of setting up a shopping cart, or is it included maybe? Make sure you have support staff that is available 24/7, and that it has the tools to let you edit the site yourself too. And, this one I like myself, it should provide for a blog if you would like to have one too. Another thing is can you do the domain with them, or do you need to go some where else for that?

Having a website is great for business cards. You use your main domain name on the card with the URL, and it will lead people to the website. From there they can view, and click to where they prefer to shop at. Your traffic can come from your host, and also your business cards too.

Now, there are some websites that are free to use too. Depends how much work you want to work with it yourself, what you are knowledable with, and where you feel comfortable at.

I have one. Actually on my 3rd, 4th, or whatever I had signed up with. There are different free ones out there. Some I have liked, and some I do not like as well. Google has one you can set up as many pages as you want, it’s free, and takes a little work. But, I am not all computer literate so sometimes anything will take a little work for me. Check google for  sites.google.com/?? Or, just go to google, and search it there. There is  Microsoft Office LiveFreeWebstore.org, Webstarts.comWix.com, and  Weebly.com. I know you can get one at Vendio, don’t let the ebay thing bother you as it can be done without ebay, and I think that one was free? 

There is also Pro Stores that can be used, and I do believe that starts at about $30 a month. I have heard others mention it, and they like it.  I have been noticing some websites being done with vistaprint.com, and do not know the cost for them. Yahoo has business sites/stores that can be used, and not sure of their cost. Just a lot all there, and no way I could mention them all. Search google for many of them, read forums with sites and social medias to learn of some, and just roam the internet to find them too.

As mentioned I do have my website, it is free, and that is with Weebly.com. Through bannerfans.com which is also free, I have made my banners, avatars, and such that are used with the site. I have set a tab that is a blog on my website…free, and I could add it in if I wanted to. I have directed 1 of my domains to this website. I got my domains through GoDaddy.com. I have never had an issue with them, pay a small yearly fee for the domains, and that cost is sooo small compared to paying fully for a website, and all the extras with it. 

I do not have a shopping cart on the site, although I could, or I could use the buy it now buttons as weebly does have that. Instead I use my rapid cart from Artfire, My widget from Ecrater, and for Addoway and the other stores I also have my RSS Feed going to the pages for them.

I have chosen to use my website, and my blogs as my landing pages showing my links to the stores I sell with, links to all the blogs, link to my website, and so on. Maybe at some point I will add the shopping cart, and sell either with my blog or website. But, for now, for me, I am comfortable using them as landing pages, and making an internet presence that way. Please, visit my LilacsNDreams Website, and have a look around. It is not perfect, I am sure there is much more to do with it, and different ways to do things, but I am comfortable with it, and it works for me. Great support at weebly, and they have been getting used by quite a few too.

I hope this has helped you with the issues of a website. I know I have not covered everything for you, but hope I was able to give you some things to think about, consider, and research with. Thanks again for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and visit with me here anytime. Always welcome with the visits, comments, sharing, and so on.


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Selling Online Hard Work

Hello, and Welcome to my LilacsNDreams Blog at WordPress! Below you are going to see a topic about Selling Online, it’s hard work, different than the brick and mortar stores, and some things involved with it. Sharing an opinion, and others are welcome to comment, and share too. Also, what you read below has pretty much been copied over from my other LilacsNDreams Blog, but wanted to share it here too. Hope you enjoy it.

Today I am going to discuss a subject that many of us deal with as sellers online.  Please remember this is in my opinion. There is no right, or wrong. You are welcome to comment, or share with us here too. When searching, or doing a listing with any of the venues I sell with I try to put things into perspective as if I were the buyer is generally how I work with most of my listings, and things I do for Online Sales.

I believe that Selling Online is hard work, and could be even more if I did everything I read and seen mentioned to do. It is very time consuming, and much harder to do than selling in person in my opinion. I feel it to be harder as the buyer is not able to touch what is being sold. Therefore have to work more with our descriptions to help the buyer feel the product, and also make the search engines happy with words we use. Along with this are pictures so that the prospective buyer can also better see with our descriptions what is being offered. As some of us know, pictures can also be time consuming with lighting, finding the right angles, amount of pictures, etc.

Another issue is that there is no two way conversation between the seller, and buyer to see the buyer’s eyes. Seeing someone’s eyes helps get a feel about the upcoming purchase. Helps you to better assist with addressing things right on the spot. Conversation is always helpful. I myself sometimes get too winded when describing things in my listings. I am trying to get the buyer to see what I see, feel what I can feel, and hopefully answer questions without wasted time between us contacting each other through emails.

Time is spent with shipping costs, finding the best one to offer for the item being sold, and the best way to ship from past experiences too. Unless the items I offer can be put to something smaller like an envelope, I generally send items USPS Priority Mail with insurance included. Reason for that is generally the shipping rates are a bit better, customers get their items within 2-3 days, and the insurance is always included for a more secure delivery. That comes from past dealings with the postal service. If a customer contacts me, and wishes to have it sent another way, I will work with them to do so as requested. I work with my customers the best possible way that I can.

Another thing as a seller to keep in mind is the venues we choose to sell with. Some of the venues do not cater to the same type of buyers, and sellers. I have found that sometimes what can work for one seller does not always work for another seller. There are many venues out there to choose from, some have higher fees to sell with than others, some advertise for their members, some work well with their members by having an operational site with support that can always be contacted too. It all depends what works for you, and where you find to feel comfortable with. It is important for you to pick the right selling venue for You. 

Some have their own websites. That is more cost to some with hosting fees, domain fees, shopping carts, and with your own website you also have to work harder to get yourself seen within search engines for the prospective buyer to find you. For me I have my blogs, my website, all having domains directed to them, and find this to be a smaller cost for me. With my blogs, and websites I offer the links for the venues I sell at, instead of a shopping cart I use the Artfire Rapid Cart, Ecrater Widget, and the RSS Feeds for the sites including Addoway. If any questions I can be contacted with no problem as I do read my emails through out the day. Also, if a seller would like to purchase directly from me I am more than welcome to invoice them through paypal. 

So, what do you think? How has it been for you selling online, and have you found what can work for you? If so, please share with us here. Thoughts, comments, and opinions are always welcome at LilacsNDreams. I only ask everyone to be civil, and remember that we all have our own opinions to things with no right, or wrong answer.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams today! I enjoy the visits, the comments, the sharing, and hope to see you again. Take care till the next time Everyone.  Remember to visit with my stores with the links provided on this blog page. Thank You!

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Welcome to the New LilacsNDreams

Hello, and Welcome to the New LilacsNDreams!

I do apologize as I have had Word Press for quite a while now, had issues understanding it, takes longer to do some things here, and due to me being a self learner I just went really slow with working on my site here, or doing anything with it. I have spent the past couple of weeks working with my other blogs, my website, have them to where I would like them to be, and have now spent today working with LilacsNDreams at WordPress. I chose a new template, I made a new banner, I have redone the pages here….not fully completed as I want them to be, but have to iron out a few more techniques of what I can & can’t do on them….bear with me please. I have registered this blog with google, yahoo, and bing too. I have just done all kinds of things redoing this from what I first had done with it. I still have a little of my own with this, but am using the basics of what someone else has done for the template….much much easier!!

So, have a look around here, roam with what I have done and offer so far. If you have any questions please ask them. I enjoy the visits, the comments, and people sharing things that apply to subjects at the time of the postings. Thanks so much for visiting with me tonight. Wishing ya’ll a safe and happy holiday weekend. Enjoy, and be safe!:)



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