Where Yesterdays Memories Become Tomorrows Treasures

Wow! Things have changed a lot really since I use to be active with all my accounts. I keep going through the accounts I have, looking things over, and trying to make decisions that I will benefit more from for me. Decisions to help my small Online Store and accounts. Decisions of how far do I want this to go, how successful do I want to become, and at the same time still being able to enjoy what I do, and having fun with it. Through the years I have kept my domain names, and I am thankful for that. I just need to step up more instead of second guessing myself, and pay attention to the accounts I would like to keep active….without over doing it. Make things simpler so that I can better focus, and give everything the proper attention that it truly needs.

Most of my listings for sales are with my Shoppe at Etsy , once in a while I might list a few items with EBay, but I am more comfortable with Etsy or personal sales. I love my vintage collectibles that I am still offering. Over time I have grown fond of (kind of like a childhood thing) DIY projects, repurposing, upcycling, reclaiming, restoring….giving new life and love to once loved items. In a way making them new again.

So, once again I am asking everyone to bear with me one more time….honestly it has taken time for me to bring it all together. I do apologize. I’ve hit a few obstacles, but I will over come them. Latest was the computer crashing, and of course funding for a new one. Till then I have my new IPad…got that few months before the computer did it’s thing. Anyway, I’m getting along with it till things become better for me.

I am happy to have everyone stop to visit with me. Thank You very much! I have to decide which way I want to go with my blog more permanently….here, there, which one shows more possibilities for me, easier for me to work with, etc etc.

So, this is where things are for me now. Have any questions, please drop me a line. I’ll respond as quickly as possible. Visit me here, with my Shoppe at Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/LilacsNDreams , etc. Happy to have you catch up with me anywhere!

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams! See y’all again soon!



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