Where Yesterdays Memories Become Tomorrows Treasures

Above you see 2 pictures of a craft I worked on earlier this week. The picture on the left shows the things I started with. The picture on the right shows the finished product of what I created. I enjoy repurposing, restyling, upcycling vintage pieces along with more modern pieces sometimes too. I used all wooden spools with thread of different colors on them yet. I used some worn older buttons. I created a little mini pin cushion from a silver bead.

I enjoyed this enough that I searched today through different places for more vintage wood blocks. I found some. Unfortunately, I found out tonight the seller is on vacation, and it will be about a week before my item will be shipped. So, that project will be on hold till then. Not to worry, I do have other things that I could work on as well.

I did make a sale on Friday with my shop at Etsy. You can visit to see what vintage collectibles I have listed now, and watch for other things that will be getting added as well. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LilacsNDreams

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Feel free to stop by anytime, have a look around, ask questions, etc. Always happy to assist you.

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