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Pink Cupcake Stand Pedestal Plate Candle Holder

Pink Cupcake Stand Pedestal Plate Candle Holder, Jewelry Dish Stand, Soap Dish Pedestal , Wedding Home Decor, Vintage Inspired is such a cute, and neat way for you to display small or single cupcakes, maybe a mini cake, desserts, candies, cookies, truffles, or pastries for all occasions. Great use for the Holidays, Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, or any special occasion.

Great for the bathrooms with some guest soaps and rolled cloths, set a container with sweet smelling bath salts on it, on dressers with your precious jewels or trinkets, in your home as a candle holder, an adorable center piece, use with your tablescapes, set this on top of another bigger plate stand for stacking, and etc. Versatile item for any place in the home with your decor, or to organize with. Stack them, or use them separately.

This pink cupcake stand was upcycled by Me using a vintage lonely saucer plate, and attaching it to an adorable pink candle holder. Visit my shop at Etsy for more pictures, and details of this adorably versatile piece.  Any questions please contact Me. I really am friendly, and would be happy to assist you.



93x33 LilacsSignature

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