Where Yesterdays Memories Become Tomorrows Treasures

Hello, and Welcome to the New LilacsNDreams!

I do apologize as I have had Word Press for quite a while now, had issues understanding it, takes longer to do some things here, and due to me being a self learner I just went really slow with working on my site here, or doing anything with it. I have spent the past couple of weeks working with my other blogs, my website, have them to where I would like them to be, and have now spent today working with LilacsNDreams at WordPress. I chose a new template, I made a new banner, I have redone the pages here….not fully completed as I want them to be, but have to iron out a few more techniques of what I can & can’t do on them….bear with me please. I have registered this blog with google, yahoo, and bing too. I have just done all kinds of things redoing this from what I first had done with it. I still have a little of my own with this, but am using the basics of what someone else has done for the template….much much easier!!

So, have a look around here, roam with what I have done and offer so far. If you have any questions please ask them. I enjoy the visits, the comments, and people sharing things that apply to subjects at the time of the postings. Thanks so much for visiting with me tonight. Wishing ya’ll a safe and happy holiday weekend. Enjoy, and be safe!:)




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