Where Yesterdays Memories Become Tomorrows Treasures

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to see you here!

Sorry, I apologize I have been absent from here. Busy, life, listings, market places, and just a little bit of everything has been keeping me busy right now. I still have my LilacsNDreams Artfire Store, and have actually been working on combining both stores I had at Artfire into 1. Not only simplier for me, but also for customers as well. Everything in 1 spot, and it feels really good to SIMPLIFY things too.

At the same time I have put items on hold in my LilacsNDreams Ecrater Store, and have been slowly transferring things to my LilacsNDreams Addoway Store. With these 2 stores I will be rotating the inventory, and going back and forth between the 2 till I see which one I benefit more with. Addoway is still a young site, fairly new, but membership has been climbing there. They have great support, the support there has been responsive to things, responds to the members, and has been keeping you well updated with any glitches, changes, and of course with some of the big issues of a big google change soon to be in effect.

Fenton Green Opalescent Grape and Cable Glass Bowl

Pink Fostoria Opaque Glass Bowl

Glass Cloche Center Accent Pink Blue Repurposed

Cake Cupcake Plate Cobalt Blue Pedestal Vintage Inspired

Above are just a few pictures I have shown to give an idea of some of the treasures listed with my LilacsNDreams Store at Artfire. Vintage, collectibles, repurposed, upcycled, home decor, housewares. Stop to visit my store to see more treasures offered.

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams. I hope you enjoyed your visit with me today, and wish you well with all your treasure hunting, and shopping! Have Fun.


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